POLL: What was your latest A1c?

Ouch. I hope it has come down!

Pretty great results for the members in this community!


My first A1 (before they added the C) was somewhere around 14.4 and during my teens was as high as 16.5. Granted that was on a single shot of Lente insulin a day without blood glucose meters. It has gotten decidedly better with Dexter.


My last 2 were 5.6. I’m on the 670g and have found the “sweet spot” with the sensors, pump, exercise and routine. It’s a whole bunch of work but my BMI is just below 20, I can wear my skinny wrangler western jeans from 25 years ago and just celebrated my 63rd bday! Oh and my Time in Range was 88%! Dx’d in 1965.


At 85% < = 7.0%, I think the poll is skewed by selection bias. Not many are motivated to post poor results in an online poll. It does show a strong positive association with online community participation.

My non-D adult daughter called me a few nights ago asking about her “below normal” A1c. It was 4.5%! I told her not to worry. I guess the lab is used to reporting to more of us glucose compromised sorts.


My last 4 A1Cs have all been exactly 5.2


Hi my latest A1C was about a 10.0. I am not really proud of it and need to get a better handle on my blood sugars. I’m in high school and there is just all this stress and work that’s placed on me on top of my t1d. I just need to take better care of myself.


Teenage hormones can be a huge challenge to diabetes as well. If there is anything we can do to help you problem solve just let us all know.


Mostly low carb for my LADA keeps my A1c pretty consistent. Works for me because I feel good.

I was 7 in March. I had a bad February, hurt my leg on the slopes and didn’t exercise for at least 3 weeks. Skiing is a roller coaster for my readings. I’m usually between 6 and 6.5. I do MDIs. From reading the different posts I have come to the conclusion that people on pumps and CGMs are proactive and I am reactive. Medicare is stingy with its test strips.

My latest A1C is 5.8. Since April 2016 i switched from Levamire and Humalog to Tresiba and Humalog. No CGM just frequent daily testing.

The CGM is all about data and trends, which is hard to do with a stingy strip program, though you can get some inexpensive ones out of pocket that work fine so long as you’re willing to do all the fingersticks.

I’m MDI as well but I don’t think of my treatment as reactive at all, at least not any more than people I know with pumps.

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Wow, another person using one shot of Lente. Most people I talk with were using NPH back in the day. I always wondered why the doctors picked Lente over NPH back than. And yes, it was so brutal with one shot and urine testing. No wonder the A1C’s were so high!

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Me too. almost 20 years of one injection Lente. I think it was the convenience of single dosing, and lack of evidence that NPH, Reg was better. In fact, with the unpredictable peak of NPH, I was more unstable on that. But by then also had BG testing, so I think NPH use was more common. My first A1Cs were definitely in the teens. When started insulin pump, the goal was to get down to the 9s. Then the DCCT results came out, and goals were lowered to 7-8.

Hi Mike,

let us know if there is anything we can help you with to get your a1c down a little. This should also help with your coping with high school stresses (high blood sugar is a big stress on the brain and body).

Do you have a Dr or a CDE who can help you with adjusting insulin?

I guess my first advice would be

  1. Know that blood sugar results are not good or bad. They are just information to act upon.
  2. Test blood sugar regularly (do you have a CGM?) to help guide you on what to do.
  3. Take insulin doses on your schedule.
  4. Try to do some testing for basal bolus dosing rates to work out if your insulin doses are correct. This should help a lot.
  5. Do you know how to correct for highs (and lows)?
  6. Try eating lower carb where you can. IT can help with the variability. Will your parents get on board with this at home?

Hello Dave44 - Yes. The A1C has come down slightly. It is now 8.3…the new Endo is not very excited about that, but at least it did not go up. Right?

6.7 My Endo wants it to stay between 6.5 and 7.0 I have had a heart attack and they want me to stay away from too many lows.

So glad to see you medical team is taking you as a person with other problems, not just a diabetic. That is why everyone needs their own goals, not what some group thinks everyone should be at. What works for you, won’t work for the next person.

6.7 and going down. I have only been dancing with Type 1/LADA since Feb 2016 when my first HbA1c was 12.9. No health insurance (this year eligible for medicare so we’ll see) so no CGM but I have consistently checked BG at least 10x a day. I get cheap strips on Amazon and the rare times I have been checked at hospital my readings have been the same. I credit my recent increased time in the zone to lower carbs (70 per day or close to) and intermittent fasting.


Dx in Aug 2017 with an HBa1c of 11.8% and a BG level of 594. After six weeks of the failed ADA suggestion of a low fat relativly high carb diet I went rogue. I decidd to go zero carb. Carbonongrata.

Four months later my HBa1c was 5.8% and my daily avg BG is in the 80’s. The ketogenic diet reversed my diabetes almost from day one. I’m also 55 pounds lighter.

Keto Vitae!