Positive Alcohol Blood Test

I recently had a blood test come back positive for alcohol and I don’t drink. Will high blood sugars make this happen? I am at a loss as to how this happened. Not sure of the levels as I don’t have them, could be no more than a trace amount. I have never heard of this before it is so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Beth

That’s really strange. Maybe it has to do with ketones. Ketones kinda smell like alcohol.

I was accused of being an alcoholic for years and years and years and I too was having only the occasional drink with a meal. In my case it was because I had cancer in my liver, which was killed by the chemo I had. I lost half a liver, but it grew back again. My blood test readings, however, did not go back to normal.

It depends on the particular test that was used to detect alcohol. Some tests do react positively to acetone, one of the primary ketones produced during ketosis. This can happen normally if you’re a low-carber, or if you have insufficient insulin on board and may be in or on your way to ketoacidosis. I suspect that the former might register a low +, but the latter could probably be significant.

You can also have a tiny amount of alcohol in a sample if they didn't not let the antiseptic dry they used before they draw your blood - a TINY amount might be present in the blood. I.e. - legally drunk would be like an alcohol level of 80 - or .08, I have seen levels of 3-4 (.003 - .004) on people come back on non-drinkers before the test.