Positive attitude

I have a post podcast on positive attitude and how important it is with diabetes - please make time to listen and provide me with feedback. Here it is:


Just copy and paste it into your webbrowser - top of your screen. Then follow directions to listen to podcast.

Let’s use this blog to talk about this important topic of the intersection of attitude and diabetes.

It is a great show with many interesting talks and many things to learn.It was nice listening to you talking about how you started being positive,your basketball mentor,your parents…
You are very experienced in how to promote positive attitude in diabetic kids and others.Thanks for sharing,actually all that will help me dealing with my diabetic kids.

Thank you. I sure hope people can pass this on to others as I know my experiences and stories and humor will reach others affected by diabetes. By all means please pass this on to all affected by diabetes. I have a job but my passion is connecting with those with diabetes to help improve their lives. I aim to be the Dr. Phil of Diabetes! Please help me by inviting me to present to your group or write for your organization. I do this not out of selfishness but service. Thanks. Phil