Positive Autoantibody Tests Indicate Type 1 Autoimmune Diabetes


Hi Melitta My son had didnt any tests done until 3 weeks after diagnosis, he had been on insulin for 6 days, then stopped taking it as it made his Blood Sugars to low, would taking insulin for a week effect his results, when he had a anti GAD, 1A2 and ZnT8 test
Both negative part from the positive from ZnT8 test

I’m wondering if the 6day insulin in his body could have effected his results


Hi Lily. I am sorry I was slow to respond. Taking insulin would not affect the test results. He is positive for ZnT8, which means he has Type 1 diabetes. It sounds like he is in the honeymoon phase—after diagnosis and some insulin, the pancreas can recover a bit and the “honeymooner” requires less insulin. It doesn’t mean that the diabetes has gone away. Best of luck to you!


Morning Melitta, No problem I don’t always check the sites I’m on

My son received a letter from the doctor on Tuesday saying to go along with his ZnT8 test he should have had a positive from one of the other tests he had, so he is off back for another test on those two just make sure


Very informative, thank you so much!

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