Positive! Now I really AM terrified!

I think the HPT is positive … a faint line that has got stronger over the past three days is a positive, right? Add in a few other symptoms, and now I am well and truly scared. I’ve been wanting to be pregnant for sooo long, but now it seems too big to handle. How did you keep calm and carry on when you found you were pregnant? How to keep from freaking out all the time? How can I just ENJOY this??

the first trimester is hard. I’m 10 weeks now and I’m still looking forward to the second trimester when I can enjoy things a bit more. I freaked out when I first found out because I knew my BG levels weren’t perfect-but after talking with my endo and getting things sorted I felt better and telling some friends and family and hearing their excitement helped me feel more excited. Congratulations!

Congratulations! And just take things one day at a time, knowing that the freaking out is normal. :slight_smile: Definitely check out the book Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes; other ladies here recommended that to me and it’s a great resource!

I tried for almost 3 years before finally gettin the BFP and felt similar emotions. Just try to concentrate on the positive, your future bundle of joy, and take it one day at a time. Congrats!

Congrats! You’ll feel better. Each day you’ll feel a little less scared a little less terrified.I had a surprise pregnancy and paced around my house crying hysterically after finding out.I worried about EVERYTHING.It helped me relax to go to babiesrus and look at the cutesy stuff there.You’ll do wonderfully, I’m sure :slight_smile: enjoy the pregnancy because it truly goes by so fast.

Thanks for recommending my book. To anyone that’s interested, I sell autographed copies by Paypal. Good luck, Arihat!


I definitely felt more worry and nervousness in the beginning. Pregnancy with diabetes will never feel “easy”, but it will get better. I found a rhythm and pregnancy started to feel normal.

The responsibility on our shoulders is huge and I think that fear is a normal reaction, but it really is best to take things one day at a time and remind yourself that you CAN do it :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you all!
I’d be freaking out so much more without this site. Hugs to you all.