Possible carcinogen in Metformin?

I just found out from my friend in the hospital that Metformin might have a recall because the doc there is not giving it to him. I never heard of this. Here is a link to what is happening. Apparently this med and some others have tested positive for high levels of a substance that can cause cancer. They recalled Ranitidine officially, but not Metformin. Also, some BP medications have been recalled. To think that you can’t even trust the drug manufacturers. I am kind of worried but will still be taking my Metformin. I made this post so I can give everyone a heads up.

I vaguely remember reading about a recall a few weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure it was sustained release Metformin? But this article doesn’t mention it’s sustained release. I didn’t pay a lot of attention though as I don’t take it.

Never trust drug manufacturers…they pull things all the time. It’s a cost decision as with many companies. Are the possible lawsuits worth the costs of none for sale or changing the manufacturer process? Many times the possible costs are far worth ignoring, that has been repeated many times over.

Google it. Only some brands are affected.

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As @Marie20 surmised, it only involves the Extended Release and as @gretchen said, it involves some but not all manufacturers. My pharmacy sent me the FDA recall notice even though I switched from ER to regular release about 6 months ago.

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I didn’t know it was extended release. I also take the regular Metformin. Avet is the manufacturer of mine and they were listed as being tainted as well.

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