Possible insulin pump case

I am currently not an insulin pumper, but hope to be soon. Friday I was at Office Depot and was looking for a case for my new mp3 player. Well I found one made by case logic for $7. I got to looking at it and I am betting it would be good for an insulin pump as well. You can wear it as a waist pouch or as an armband. It is made out of that neosporine material so it would be protected. It has a headphone port on it where you could run the tubing through and there is enough room you could coil up excess tubing if you need to. I am attaching pictures

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.
8675-DSCI0013.JPG (1.33 MB)
8676-DSCI0012.JPG (1.32 MB)
8677-DSCI0011.JPG (1.4 MB)

It looks good, I want one! I made my own out of one of those neoprene exercise belts, where I cut it longways then used the scrap piece to sew a pocket on the side. I use it mostly just to sleep in, and it works well. It’s just that the neoprene gets hot and sweaty, but hey it was only like $6. Does that carrier have a model name so i can try to find one too like on eBay or something (I am 2 hours from an Office Depot)?


This would be a great place for others to post photos and links about the insulin pump cases that they use.

I have used this with both the Cozmo and the Minimed 722 pump. I LOVE it!