Possible Pre-diabetes


I make renaissance/pirate themed costumes and sell them on E-bay. I had been chronically stressed out for at least 3 months before Halloween. Then to top it off, I fractured my ankle about 3 weeks before Halloween. I was eating fast food ect. and had gained about 30 pounds in about 3 or 4 months. I was overweight anyway, but, I was really getting heavy at that time.

I had gone to the doctor on November 11th, for a UTI and she gave me a physical. My first fasting was 127. Well that really stressed me out then. I took another fasting test and it was 130. My A1C was 6.2.

I was on crutches for my ankle and that was getting better. I started relaxing a little after the second fasting test. I started walking 30 minutes every day and losing the weight I had gained so quickly. I saw my numbers going down. I did a lot of research on the internet and cut out my sugars. I started eating fresh foods and drinking water instead of soda.

My meter now reads in the mid 70’s in the morning and my after meal sugars are very low. My last fasting blood glucose test from the doctor was 95 yesterday. My cholesterol was 276 in November and is now 237. I have now lost 38 pounds and when I lose about 5 more pounds, I will not be considered obese anymore, just overwieght. I have 66.5 pounds to go and I will be considered low on my BMI scale.

My doctor told me I will have to take medication for cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. I do not have to take any of the medications i am happy to say!

I am wondering if the stress of Halloween and the fractured ankle 3 weeks before Halloween, had given a “false” fasting blood glucose reading in early November? I did read that stress can cause pre-diabetes by secreting cortisol and another chemical as well as the temporary weight gain from the stress.

I don’t know about whether or not the readings were false positives or what all may have been at work in your body, but it sounds like you’re doing great now! Congrats on being able to lose the weight, change your diet, and work in some exercise. That’s really commendable. Good luck with your continued good health! And your next high stress season.

Stress is a major factor in high blood sugar. Although I had known type 2 diabetes was on my horizon as my mother had it, I had held it off with exercise and good diet until one year when I was under huge, major, constant stress. And that did it. I went over the “magical line” that made me diabetic. Yeah. Stress is big.

Congrats on beating it at this point. Your November reading wasn’t false, but clearly you have beat the high blood sugars and insulin resistance for the time being. Keep it up!

Hello Ellie,

I plan to keep the blood sugars low with diet and exercise :o) The doctor gave me Metformin and told me that I would not be able to control it with diet and exercise. She also gave me Vytorin for cholesterol and it made the left side of my body feel numb and I felt numbness shooting down my arms and legs simotaneously. This was only after a week! My cholesterol has gone down 39 points without this stuff, I am happy to say!

My mother also has type 2. She was diagnosed about 15 - 20 years ago. She is 82 and she sees my doctor now. She just gave her a fasting blood glucose test and hers was only 101. She has controlled hers with diet for years… not so much the exercise…lol! I hope I can too.

Have you ever taken your blood sugar on different fingers of each hand and received totally different numbers within a minute of the other one? My left hand finger was about 20 points different then my right hand finger within about a minute of each other.