Possible shortage of insulin... Should we start to prepare?


Don’t worry I’ve been stockpiling extra insulin for a long long time now!

Still the conspiracy theorist inside me, hints that the recent “insulin shortage” articles are big pharma’s reply to “insulin costs too much” media coverage.


Hi Kathy, Yes I’ve been carb limiting for over six years now. At first I targeted daily carbs to less than 30 grams/day. I lost 25 pounds with little effort. I relaxed my carb intake to stay under 75 grams/day or so. I then regained about 10 pounds.

With my return to eating less than 30 grams of carbs per day, I’ve lost about 8 pounds of that regained weight. Carb-limiting has had a large impact on my overall blood sugar control. I was able to drop and sustain my total daily insulin dose by over half. My glucose variability went way down along with my average but the amount of time spent hypo went down.

I think my reduced carb way of eating is the largest single factor that allows me good blood glucose control.


Terry. Im working on that next. I just got a libre a week ago and that has really opened my eyes. Hoping it will help me stay healthy. I’ve had so many lows and back to highs. The extra insulin is killing me. Got the libre then the carb counting and weight is on my list. I just don’t want any complications. Been lucky so far. Hoping since I got this crazy disease later I might be lucky. After reading all these crazy posts. Decided to get moving and do something now. Researching now.


My mom is an avid Fox News watcher. Almost every time I say anything about the cost of insulin she argues with me that the patents and the FDA are behind the increases and a free market without insurance would solve everything.

Mind you she paid for my insulin from 1990 to 2002. She knows we have to have it or we die, so there’s not a mechanism to stop us from paying the exhorbitant price. It makes me so sad.


Just want to include low fat plant based diets as a way to get type 2’s off of insulin or any other diabetic medications. The Mastering Diabetes website has many happy people who,if they continue a low fat vegan diet, will no longer have diabetes.


I really think it would be better if you added the word, symptoms, to the end of this statement. I don’t think anyone is being cured of diabetes. If diabetes was cured, a return to unhealthy eating would not produce a return of the symptoms. I think a more honest term to describe this phenomena is, “remission.”

Remission is no small thing. Reaching for “reverse,” or “cure,” is unnecessarily misleading.


I thought about this when I wrote it. I too feel that these type 2’s are still diabetics, but some of them who were previously much heavier and on metformin and sometimes insulin, and are now med free really feel like they have new lives. Plus once on a plant based low fat diet with an emphasis on exercising many of these folks feel like new people. Our new found energy is pretty amazing.


Just how do I “prepare” if insulin becomes limited/unavailable?