Post #1- A battle won, A lesson learned


So, I haven’t had much time to learn about this social
networking stuff(this is the first site I’ve ever done it), all I seem
to be doing so far is repeating the invites people send ME. They invite
me, I invite them back. It feels stupid. I should probably just invite
everyone first so they can turn me down/accept prior to me making an
idiot out of myself.

Anyway…today something awesome happened.
Earthshattering, rockin’, awesome, blow your socks off totally cool.
This is what happened:

My insurance company has approved the Cleo sets...and my medical supply company finally shipped them(after going through blood,sweat, tears, and several months to "get them in stock")


(I've been trying to get these for a LONG time)

Right now, my torture of choice are Silhoettes/Comforts. Which work well enough, but that long needle doesn't always insert painlessly into the skin and I'm hoping another infusion set will work another part of the skin, I've got too many "pump bumps."

Please keep your fingers crossed, as I embark on my new adventure.:-)


I am very happy to hear the news about this…

About the social network thing, the easiest way to handle friend invites is to just click accept (or decline, if that is the case, for whatever reason) on the panel where you see the person’s icon.

Once you do this, it makes the person YOUR friend too automatically, so you don’t need to invite them again.


Cool! Are those compatible with a Minimed pump?