Post breakfast spike

Many thanks Terry. Very helpful article.

I can be flat line all night, not have eaten since 6 the night before and pretty as you please at around 4:30-6:00 I will spike upwards. It’s amazing to see on my graph to me as this nice flat line and then whoop upwards, sometimes slowly and sometimes a huge spike. Right now my DP is very mild and my FOTF is decreasing, but I am still eating the same way.

In my case my thyroid has always been a major factor for me. My thyroid they know is an issue and they keep a close eye on it. If I stop my thyroid supplements my thyroid levels shoot up and I start waking in sweats in the am and major DP increases. Hormones play a major part for me.

Interesting. I didn’t know about the thyroid diabetes link. My thyroid has been low for over a decade and lately thyroid has been fluctuating And my blood sugars are going haywire. If only things would be logical and stable!!! The diabetic lament!!

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I abuse my basal rate a little starting 50 minutes before breakfast. Pre-treating the morning rise is the only way I’ve found to stay ahead of it. that said, I have to get up and eat breakfast on time, or end up hypo.

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I was diagnosed with a past endo and she had been open to me trying supplements first. I stopped taking them for a little while where I have moved too and my DP hit with a vengeance and my thyroid was through the roof at my next thyroid blood test with my current endo. I told her I had been successful before with supplements and she was fine with me trying them, she knew my thyroid had been better. She now tests me every 3 months so she would catch a problem anyways.

That said the Thyroid is considered a mother hormone which sends out signals to all different organs in the body. I had a heck of a time with menopause until I helped my thyroid. But thyroid issues affect all sorts of things, it actually plays a part with a lot of body functions…

Here is kind of a nice link that lists all sorts of things.

Hi Pam, I’ll agree with the “feet on the floor” response with my plan:
Within 20-30 min of getting up, my sugars are up 15-30 points & will continue to maybe 70 points higher. What I started doing was bolus for “fake” carbs". Start with 5-10 grams & increase every few days until you do not see the rise. I can even start rising if I toss about in bed trying to go back to sleep! Good luck, there are quite a few people who notice this. I’ve even heard it called “shower rise”.

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Lol…there is a separate shower rise too. Some people drop with hot showers, some people’s numbers go up. I had heard of more people having drops, but someone actually did a brief survey of type 1’s and there were a few that didn’t experience anything, but on the ones that did it was actually 50/50 on either increasing or dropping. I happen to increase pretty rapidly, I can go up 60 points in 20 minutes. The earlier in the day if I take a long shower the more significant the increase, by night the increase is much smaller. I end up feeling pretty cruddy not because of the higher number but because of the fast increase. I take lukewarm/cooler showers now in the evenings, If it’s under 5 minutes I’m fine, but it’s when I wash my hair and I’m in longer that it’s a problem. I used to know someone that used hot showers to purposely lower her higher BG levels.

The thing I’m struggling with the most is that my numbers have been pretty steady for months and months with some tweaking but now! I am zigzagging up and down. My normal fixes either don’t work or they skyrocket me (glucose tablets) all in the same day. I am not stressed. Don’t seem to be sick. Things are crazy suddenly for no discernible reason. It is a struggle

Are your basal rates correct for the time of day? Day light savings can throw a lot of us off and if your pump doesn’t have the correct time it will mess up your BG’s.