Post-exercise highs

I’m a T2 on oral meds & was warned early on to watch out for lows after exercise. That has seldom been a problem. I work out almost everyday (swim, hike, walk, lift weights–all at moderate intensity). I can count on those activities to take my bg down to “in control” levels.
Two weeks ago I tried a fitness class that focuses on core/yoga positions + cardio. It is pretty intense. My bg afterward went up after both sessions; last night it was 238. Is it dangerous for me to engage in activities that increase my bg? What are your experiences?

It is not uncommon for high intensity workouts to give you high blood sugars. something w/ the adrenaline/hormones from the exercise giving your body the signal to dump sugar into the bloodstream. doesn’t mean you should not do intense workouts but just be aware

Wow! I have the opposite effect. I try to start my workouts around 10 mmol at least, within 1 hour I drop to 4mmol or less. in order for me to have a safe workout, and keep my numbers balanced, I drink a GLUCERNA drink while I am working out,so I dont pass out!!!
For me, I feel that less excersize if pointless so it took me awhile to figure out how my body works and what it needs.
I was on oral meds to begin with but I finally got the hang of things and dont need them any more for now. I do however take 500mg of cinnimon extract when I am high, it brings me down to a good level fairly quickly and doesn’t stay in my system too long like the metformin. I bounce around from low to high alot so when I was really low the metformin was actually bad for me because even though it is good for the highs… when i drop… in the same day… the metformin was still in my system and I would go hypo… and the cycle would begin.