Post in search of a decent title

Seriously, I hate naming these things…

well, I may have just had my best day since starting pumping …

I was at the doc a couple weeks ago and told her my last A1c was a 6.0. She said "Wow, that's great, when was the last time it was that low?" I started to say "I not sure it was ever that low" but instead it occurred to me that "I don't know, maybe back when I was 6?"

Ahh, the little places we try to find at least a little humor in all this…

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Today’s snarky comment: Hope your day is as awesome as I am!

Congratulations, I seriously hope my day is as awesome as you are =] ha ha x

Congrats Scott! This is great news :slight_smile:

I like a man with a strong ego and a non-functioning pancreas!

LOL, you know, Kelly, it took me years to get my ego out of escrow after the divorce…

Oh, yea. Title suggestions:
Smooth Operator
In the Zone
Scott’s Camel has Twelve Humps
A Tale of Two Dinners (or are those two peaks an early dinner and a pre-bed snack?)
Read It and Weep

The peak about 4pm is normal for me, I’m probably going start my evening basal rate at 4 instead of 5. The one about 9pm was a late dinner actually. My evening numbers tend to run high esp between 6pm and 9pm and then usually trend down pretty quickly to a more normal level by about 10:30 or so. Been trying to get a handle on that pattern for quite a while, getting closer on it, but it still drives me nuts some evenings

What a beautiful picture Scott!!! If I had a CGMS - ehgads - and printed up my BG’s over x amount of time - it would look like a Salvador Dali painting. Keep up the good work.

hehe, thanks Anna… you’ll notice that I didn’t put up my 2 week reports… /whistles nonchalantly

A beautiful picture. Way to go!!!

hehe, thanks ladies!

Hi Jim, it had a “lost sensor” alarm then

what program did you use to get that pic. i have the minimed cgms but havent gotten around to downloading it since i have a mac and its a pain to log onto the minimed site with my ancient laptop.

Good job! There is nothing more attractive in a man than a graph like this, wink, wink! I love these reports, they really help me change my basals without as much fear as I had before. I just do spot checks on the times that look off to make sure the CGMS was close to accurate and boom, I make the changes. Liberating for a control freak like me.

Hi Erin,

That is from the Minimed Carelink site…

Suzanne, I totally agree… and about the reports too!

LOL, Scott—I know your old and cranky but didn’t it feel good to know you didn’t have any lows

heheh, I had to look around for something else to be cranky about!

Oh, congratulations Scott! A wonderful and a job well done. And yes, for diabetics? Its a beautiful picture.

Hmmm, for title??? Lets see. How about…“Scott’s beautiful picture…and its not his photo!!!” LOL! Kidding there!

Thanks Teena!

that is a beautiful picture! are you restricting carb intake? I find that I am usually out of goal 2 hours later, but generally back in place by 4 hours, thanks to the duration of action of my insulin. But you don’t seem to be higher than 160/170 at all. that is pretty amazing.