Post secret and support groups

So I was browsing post secret today (as it is Sunday and new secrets are up-yay!) and I saw this. <3 it. Sometimes we feel like a burden on our friends, families, loved ones, etc- because our life requires so much patience and attention to detail. So its nice to hear once in a while that we aren’t a burden. ya know?

Now in other news, I’ve been a bit lazy since I started a legit “blog” and have been preoccupied writing on there. ALAS! I want to share with everyone my adventures into a Diabetic Support group last Tuesday. I have heard about support groups before, for alcoholics, divorces, etc- but not until recently did i discover the support group for pumpers. And not until now did I find one in my area. It was advertised as a group for pumpers, particularly aiming to younger pumpers (LIES…but i will get to that in a second)…So I dragged my mum to it with me. Now mind you, she could not have put anymore Jewish guilt on me for bringing her if she actually tried. I wanted my mum to come along because A) she is a type 2 diabetic in denial (eats whatever, hardly ever checks her sugar, doesn’t exercise or stick to a low carb diet…bleh), and B) she has terrible diabetic etiquette (I’m sure you are all familiar with the things -never to say to a diabetic- or that you expect your family not to blame your mood swings on being bitchy, or making brownies in front of you and raving about its deliciousness…all of these things my mum loves to do, even after I politely remind her that it is unfair and hurts my feelings repeatedly), so I hoped by bringing her maybe if she heard this from other people it would finally kick in. ughh…NOPE! The whole time before we get their, before we even leave the house and in the car ride, all i head is " I don’t want to stay the whole two hours, do you want me to drop you off, etc"…and then once we get there, there was a big birdcage in the front and my mum flocks to it (she loves birds), now granted the meeting was starting in 2 minutes and I didn’t want to stroll in late so I asked her to look at the birds after the meeting was over. I had to PULL her away. like a damn 5 year old. Then during the entire meeting she kept nudging me “Birds, birds birds”…she didn’t pay attention to anything that was being said. She just cared about the birds. Now tell me exactly how I am supposed to feel when my mum cares more about some birds in the hall than her own daughters mental sanity and how much stress diabetes has caused her that she feels the need to go to a support group! BLAHHHH.

anyways, now that I have ranted about that, more about the meeting eh?

So It was actually really amazing despite the fact that the majority of people their were upwards of 60 yeas old. They were all pumpers. They were all diabetics or parents of diabetics. Everyone tested their blood sugar intermittently. That was the first time I had ever been around another diabetic, or around someone else testing their blood sugar, checking their CGM, turning the beeping off on their pump…I felt home :slight_smile: (i know cheesy, but it really was cool to be around people just like me!) We discussed how diabetes makes us feel, what kinda pumps we all use, being too strict on ourselves, praising ourself for not eating that extra cookie, etc. it was pretty interesting. It was also cool to see this one 80ish year old guy- Leon,type 1- he had a 5.9 A1c, no complications, and he loved peanuts. I LOVE PEANUTS. haha yay diabetic bonding. It was inspiring to see someone so old still kicking it and completely healthy. There was a couple in the their mid 20s who was also nice to see- that a non diabetic and diabetic can get married, have a kid, and still be happy- despite the stress- Oh and he was a a fireman! He had to fight for his job. Such a cool guy. : ) There was also a 21 year old guy who was chill, he had the navigator CGM and I was sitting next to him so I was watching his BG levels the whole time…BAH i want one! haha those CGMs are so badass! We also joked about professors telling us to shut our “cell phones” off…little do they know it is our life saving pumps alarming! or how we have powered through tests with BGs of 62 and such. nice to commiserate.

Im probably forgetting some other stuff, maybe I shall edit this later if I remember. But until then— I plan to go to the next meeting this week. I’m not expecting my mum to want to go again unless I can lure her with the birds…but I wish she would want to come for me or at the very least for her…she needs to snap out of denial.