Potential Tattoo Idea

This is the hex form of insulin. I'd obviously have to get rid of the edges and maybe add some color. I don't currently have any tattoos, so this would be a significant action =P thoughts?

The whole 3-D thing could be very interesting but part of me thinks that Danny’s suggestion about the “golf ball” may not be too far off? The guy that did my tattoo offered to fade some color into my original black on black scheme and then do some filling a bit hazy. I like the way the effects and can see how it might also cut down on ‘this needs to be sharpened up’ follow up visits but something like that might work for the molecule.

I realize it would take a true artist to duplicate this, not my buddy with a sharpy and needle… also definitely good to know about the golf ball effect… thanks =) Do you think it would work if I cut out a lot of the white noise in there and kept just the actual form of it (primary spirals and hex-form of it)?

That would be cool too, but you might be able to get away with some light shading to make it work? It seems like a neat idea. I was thinking skull w/ syringe/ crossbones but that’s a good one too.

Unique idea and good comments. Once you have found the right artist, be sure to get their take on it. they will know the potential other “golf ball” effects and pitfalls as well as ways to make it “pop”. I think it could be really impressive if done correctly. as others have said, one major factor is choosing an artist who can pull it off.