Potlucks, parties, food

As a teacher there always seems some sort of “gathering” or potluck in the teacher’s lounge.
At the school where I had my long term position last year, and where I substitute most frequently now there are always frequent lunchtime gatherings. The teachers and staff stop me in the hall to make sure I’ll be in the lounge and let me know I’m welcome to any of the “spread.”

Last year, I LOVED taking part in this. I even brought things on my “assigned” days. As a subsitute, I usually do not hear about these events until the day of.

Today was another one to honor the secretaries of the school. I was stopped by collegues and staff to make sure I came in during my lunch. Teachers even stopped by the classroom during lunch (a few kids wanted to eat lunch in the class with me, so I stayed in the classroom). Today’s spread was breakfast foods. When I went in there later to check everything out I had the realization how high carb A LOT of breakfast foods are!

To be honest, I’m a bit apprehensive about eating new things at potlucks, parties etc. I’m learning still how my body reacts to the food, and how much insulin I need to take to counter that. The lunch that I usually bring, I have figured out. Yes, I do try new combination of things, but then I find myself sometimes OVERCOMPENSATING on the insulin, and I go low. I didn’t want to do that.

I also know that when I’m teaching I tend to run lower, I know how the food in my lunch responds to this! I know that my lunch contains about 40 grams of carbs. I know I need to eat a snack after teaching, and sometimes during, depending upon what my lunch time number is. The new foods, I’m not sure about.

Part of me wanted to try, to experiment, but I didn’t want to go “high”. So, I compromised…I ate my lunch. Then, during my planning period I saw what was over there. I found what looked “most appealing” to me…and I took bite size pieces of things.

I noticed I wasn’t the only one that had done this. Their was a plastic knife to cut up the Krispy Kreme Donuts. I tried a bite! I’ve only had one donut since I was diagnosed, and was a “special” treat during a day in the park with Damian and the boys. I even shared that donut with Sam, as it was too much for me!

I’ve told Damian that I’m a girl that doesn’t need flowers. Just give me one donut every once in awhile and I’ll be forever yours! My friends tease me that they can see me in the corner with that donut…growling at people, if they tried to take it away.

I have one teacher friend at these gatherings who always tells me “Oh you can’t have this,” which drives me crazy. I have mentioned that I can eat anything in moderation because I carbo count, but I don’t think she got it. Oh well, I guess after 16 years of this, I’m not so caught up in how others may judge me.