Prayer request

My legally blind / disabled wife who is type 2 diabetic was let go from a job almost a year ago. She filed for and got unemployment. Now, nearly a year later, they are asking for all of it back claiming she didn’t qualify for it in the first place after they said TWICE that she did.

We have filed an appeal and are working with our local Fox 2 News affiliate to get at least some of it forgiven if not all of it forgiven, but it is over $7,000 and we just don’t have it!

Here is a clip the news taped with us via zoom.

Please pray that ideally ALL OF IT would be reversed or forgiven.


You don’t need our prayers, Brad. You are one bad m-er f-er. Well played. Its great! This goes down in the record books. This signals the conclusion of covid. The settling of covid scores begins NOW! It Begins! - YouTube

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Uh oh, Brad. I got Boys in town giving me ‘the business.’ I didn’t think there were any boys left in town who would do that. These boys are from out of town. They don’t know any better. You don’t give diabetes gangsters the business. I’m taking a page from your book this week and shutting this S down, lol. Its fun. Eminem - Business (Original) HQ - YouTube

How many people did they do this too? Was it a state unemployment office that started this? Of course, prayers sent your way. This is absolutely wrong and most of us would not have the money to pay back, especially under the circumstances. God is good…all the time. He’s bigger than they are and I pray He shows them who’s charge…lol…!! The reporter sounds like he’s a pretty cool guy too?


He truly is out to help the little guys. His whole segment “You Paid For it!” covers stories like bad landlords, county housing and the like. So glad we took the time to email him which lead to an interview which lead to being on TV!

We also submitted an appeal to reverse their decision and allow the unemployment payments to stand, but that might take awhile.

Otherwise, we have to wait for the bill(s) to grind its way through the legislature and see what comes of it. So far it looks like the forgiveness of the Federal portion (about 1/2 of it) looks good but forgiveness of the state portion is not looking good.

Will keep you all posted, and feel free to ask question if you want.


I’ll certainly try to remember to pray for you.

I seem to remember that you once had some group somewhere where people could volunteer to prepare meals for you guys (not relevant now), etc. (relevant now). Is that URL still functional? Could you repost it?


Thanks @MapleSugar for asking. That was when I had back surgery, but if people still would like to contribute gift cards or whatever, I’ll never turn it down. See .

Still no word yet. May take a month or so. I hate waiting.