Precaution ideas during sick time

How to deal T1D with sickness during high and low temperatures and when not taking (skipping lunch or dinner due to not-hungry or not want to eat) any foods?

I know this question looks very simple, but I can start imagine how complex to deal with it in T1D during those rough periods.

I am trying to educate myself from any such experiences for my 3year old kid. Please share if you have any info or experienced with it?


I don't get sick that much but, when I have, I will usually turn the basal rate on my pump up and see what happens. My BG usually responds to that pretty quickly and, if 200% works, I'll let it ride or turn it down if I see my BG dropping. I am not sure what I'd do with Lantus/ Levemir as doubling it up would probably be too wild of a ride. I suspect I would probably take small corrections if I were running high and see what happens. Lots of testing.

Check your endo's website. It is pretty easy to find "Sick Day Rules." Here are some I found:
Sick Day Rules
Google Search List

Hope this helps.