Prediabetes Weight Loss Problem

I am 68 years old and just been diagnosed prediabetic 60 days ago. Since 1996 i have been a vegetarian/vegan…high carb / low fat diet. My fasting BG 96-106 and my A1c came out 5.9. Sounds good until i eat my standard diet, which has peaks of 150/160/170/180. So, i’m making the transition to meat, eating chicken, ham and chicken /turkey sausages and low-carbs. Met with a nutritionist and she laid out a 4 smaller meal at 30 carbs max and two fill ins at 15 carbs. My BG has stabilized to a max of BG 140 and under BG 120 @ 2-hours. Appears that i’m lucky, for the moment, that i caught this disease. My main problem now is my weight was 171 and now its 157 @ 5’ 8" height. I keep on losing weight because i can’t get to 2000 calories without eating a lot of fat .
The process has been somewhat painful…started off by going to the ADA website and following their recommendations …what a mistake. Went to and that got me straight.
Can anyone help with ideas for calories and any other advise

Why would you want to deprive yourself of healthy fats? Fat is an important nutrient. I follow a low carb, high protein, high fat diet. I get about 5-10% of calories from carbs, 25-30% from protein and then 60-70% of calories from fat.

Unfortunately, there is a huge diversity of dietary advice. The advice from most vegetarian advisors vilifies fat and the medical advice has been just as bad. Many of us struggled with the advice that we got. In the end, I found a low carb diet worked like a charm, but you have to get over your fear of fat. It is unfounded.

A good source of mainstream dietary advice on low carb diets is the new book “New Atkins for You.” This book, written by well respected clinicians and researchers describes the science behind the low carb diet and why fat is not your enemy. Another thing to do is watch the Stanford research Christopher Gardner describe his study, Prof Gardner, a former vegetarian describes his findings, that a low carb diet works better for weight loss and that despite increased fat actually improves your cholesterol profile (particular for those who are insulin resistant).

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Len, You might also try 4 meals a day, keeping the top carb grams to 25-30 each meal. I started gaining weight on it, got weight back to where it was, and then reduced the 4 meals again. Seemed to be a temporary body reaction.

Well, i watched the Youtube video and it is very informative and credible since he’s at Stanford. If you are doing well over 100 grams of fat…what do you eat to get to that number?

Thanks for responding…that’s what my nutritionist has started me on and the number are really good. I have to get to a place where i’m not afraid of eating all that fat…i really don’t have choices to get to 2000 cals. I only ate a maximum of 30 grams of fat for 15 years.