Predicting an a1c with day to day blood sugar tests

Since i’ve started my pump my blood sugars have actually risen a bit due to not having any lows, rarely do i ever go above 190 or under 70 so the pump has prevented me from super high and super low blood sugars… however i know that my a1c must have risen a bit because of the rare low experience, but i cant find out yet because my endo is out of town.

Is there a way to somewhat estimate and predict what your next a1c is going to be? say if i had an a1c of 6.5 what range would my day to day blood sugars be, mostly in the 6’s and 7’s?

Sure you can,

I tried for a few months before I had the pump. It was off, but pretty close.

Dave is right though, shoot for your targets and let the A1C take care of itself.

here a formula to give you a average of a a1c number (a1c x 35.6 -77.3) that should give you a daily average or close to it

I have found that my HbA1c is systemically higher than would be expected by meter readings by 25-30%. There was a period where I went three months, only recording a few instances of readings above 140 mg/dl (and barely above), yet I had a HbA1c of 6.5%. In case you don’t know, that corresponds to an average blood sugar of 140 mg/dl. I’ve never figured it out.