Pregnancy, Diabetes Type 1 and Travelling across time zones

Any advice on pregnancy and long distance travel? I just discovered that I’m pregnant but my parents have already forked out a couple of thousand dollars worth of flights to Ireland for both me and my husband. I really want to go, I’ll be in my second trimester. Any tips?

Hi Sharon! Congrats on the pregnancy! I currently travel for work on a monthly basis and have traveled out west a few times during my second trimeseter. I’m about 24 weeks now. I think the hard thing with time zones, travel, and the second trimester is that you may experience changes in your insulin needs at the same time as your trip. I only traveled to the west coast from the east coast (a 3 hour time difference), but had one week where my insulin needs dramatically changed and I couldn’t figure out for a while what the issue was- time zone or insulin resistance. I would just make sure that you are in regular contact with your endo during the trip so if your sugars won’t come down, you can have some advice on how to handle it. Also- be sure to take lots of tylenol and what not for back pain! Flying really can screw up your back. My back hurt so much that I got my dr. to write a note to my work requiring them to buy me first class seats which actually helped a lot! (Plus, you don’t have to share the bathroom with so many people!) Good luck and enjoy Ireland!!

omg I would give my pinky toe to go to Ireland! What an exciting time!!
Sorry I have no advice for this, but wanted to offer my congrats! I’m pretty sure traveling is safe for your baby so long as you get up to walk the aisles every 1-2 hours. And stay hydrated. The concern with traveling while pregnant (in the beginning) is the docs are afraid you’ll get a blood clot in your uterus. In the later stages of pregnancy, the airlines are afraid you’ll go into labor while on their plane!

Thats cool@ trip. Well I only traveled to NY and to Nashville from MD while preggo… You’ll be fine. I would just remind to make sure you have all your meds and bring snacks just in case. Also let your doctors know and I would make sure to identify hospitals close to you “just in case” (but thats a big stretch). You’ll be fine.

Thanks for your congratulations and trip advice! It’s so reassuring to hear your experiences-you have no idea! I’m actually from Ireland so I’ll be getting to see all my family and friends there. I still have a family doctor there and should have no problem connecting with medical personnel, I may even call into my former endo while I’m there :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!