Pregnancy Questions

I actual have several questions that I have been meaning to ask on this site. Quick background - 26 yr old T1D, diagnosed in 2012, use a Medtronic insulin pump.

1) Did anyone experience some intense lows within the first few months of pregnancy? I am 16 weeks and am still having a hard time managing lows at times. I am sure it is different with everyone, but at what point during your pregnancy did you start to see that you were having to increase your insulin intake? So far I have actually had to lower one of my basal rates, and that is it. I am expecting that to change fairly soon, but it just hasn't been the case yet.

2) This is kind of a silly question, but I have finally started to wear maternity clothes (I have been sick for months and am just now starting to gain weight), and am wondering what type of maternity jeans insulin pump users prefer? I seem to mainly come across the full panel that completely covers the stomach, and am wondering how this works with an insulin pump? I typically clip my pump on to my jeans at the top, and obviously won't be able to do that with these. I haven't found a single pair yet that I like or that works for me. And the rubberband trick with my normal jeans will only hold me for a few more weeks.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone is able to give! :)

Yes! I did have tons of lows early on with both of my pregnancies (pregnant with my second now). With my first I was barely on any insulin at all it was crazy!? It was about 23/24 weeks that I noticed a steady increase from there on out. By the end I was taking massive amounts and going through my pump in one day. Just FYI…One thing I wish I would have done is to write down my pump settings when I was in a more normal range because after delivery you go back to needing way less again and I had a lot of trouble getting my settings correct and back to low enough.

Ugh maternity pants…I’m interested in what others say about this…I either pull it all the way out and stick it in my back pocket (but that can be a pain to adjust when sitting and at times all the tubing starts to show and if I don’t watch out I will catch it on things). I sometimes clip it to the middle of my bra. Then the problem is discretely getting it unhooked if I need to access it in public. Another thing I have done is to fold the big belly band down- then I can clip to my waist AND pull my pants up ha! (they seem to stretch out sag down through the day argh!). I totally prefer the ones with just the small elastic band vs the over the belly ones but you are right, they are harder to come by. Ill check the brand of some that I like in the morning…
Congrats on the baby and hope all goes well for you!

…also the pants I’ve found with the short wasteband are from Gap

That is exactly how I feel! I have had a hard time deciding on what to bolus as well because for the longest time I wasn't sure if my food would even stay down. I am hoping now that I am starting to feel a little better things will stay somewhat predictable for a couple of weeks before any big changes occur. Great idea to write down the settings! I definitely need to start doing that in case they start to change soon.

The one pair of maternity pants I do have are from Gap! They have two small elastic spots on each side that will extend with growth. They only had them in jeggings at the time though and I'm afraid those aren't going to work for much longer, haha. I will definitely have to check out the shorter waste band pants at Gap.

Thank you for your input! Best of luck in your second pregnancy!

Hi! This is a delayed reply but...
My lows lasted until 19-20 weeks. With my first pregnancy, insulin resistance set in strong after that (had to double my insulin levels by the end), then lows returned at 33 weeks (which was NOT a sign of placenta failure -- doctors often worry about that). With my second pregnancy, the lows lasted until week 20 or so and then my insulin needs stabilized. I hardly had to increase them. I was at my pre-pregnancy basal rates by the end of the pregnancy, but faced no insulin resistance.

About the maternity pants, I LOVE Target's maternity clothes (Liz Lange brand). They have jeans with a flexible material at the top that can be folded down. I lived in these. I used a SPIbelt to hold my pump, which I found much more comfortable during and after pregnancy until I can fit into my old pants.

Re: maternity jeans, you could cut a hole in the inside of your pocket (the side against your skin), and feed your tubing through it and just carry the pump in your pocket.