Pregnancy Update (only 2 months to go!)

I have been meaning to post an update on my pregnancy but the weeks keep getting away from me! My husband and I are trying to clear out some of the closets in our house and move some things around so that we have room for our little girl. :slight_smile: And two of my good friends are planning a baby shower for me. Life is good!
Over the past couple of months, I have been to my perinatologist and endo/CDE a LOT (no surprise there). Here’s what’s been going on:

  • My bgs have still been staying a little on the low side. I have at least one bg each day that’s in the 50s. This is better than the numbers I saw in the first trimester (30s and 40s!), and I feel pretty good. I have experienced a little bit of insulin resistance, but not as much as a lot of women do. I’m now taking about 35 units of insulin a day, and I started out at around 24 per day. I’m sure I will have to keep increasing it over the next couple of months, since the placenta releases hormones that compete with insulin. But it has been gradual and it hasn’t been too bad.
  • Our baby is measuring on the small side. The most recent ultrasound estimated her to be in the 31st percentile. The docs are not worried about this, but about a month ago, they were VERY worried because she was about a week behind schedule. This was not good. They worried about placental insufficiency; apparently, if you have had T1 for several years like I have, placental insufficiency is a risk, so they worry more about you having a small baby rather than a large one (go figure!). Placental insufficiency can be pretty troublesome-- it can cause certain organs to not be as developed as they should be, and it can also put you at risk for pre-term labor. So I have had several doctor appointments to measure the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus and to measure the baby. If your amniotic fluid is low, then that can also indicate placental insufficiency. So the docs told me to eat more (particularly protein) and rest more, and stay away from low bg’s. I have been doing this for about the last 4 weeks now, and the baby has grown and my fluid level has increased. Maybe I was just exercising too much and/or not eating enough. But that’s hard for me to believe because I have definitely gained weight!! But for all you ladies who have had T1 for several years (20+ is what my peri told me, but I don’t think there are any conclusive studies on this), it would be a good idea to keep this in mind.
  • I have had a few of the normal pregnancy complaints, like heartburn and back pain, but nothing too bad. I don’t complain about it. It sort of frustrates me to hear women who are NOT high-risk complaining about these types of things. They have no idea how lucky they are!
  • I got my eyes checked again during the 2nd trimester, and they looked great!!! Thank goodness. This is great news.
  • Worrying about my bg even more than I did before I was pregnant is exhausting. I am a little concerned that I am getting burnt out because I am putting so much energy into it. It doesn’t help that I am just as worried when I see a low number as when I see an elevated one, because of the whole “your-baby-is-measuring-small” thing.
  • My blood pressure has stayed normal, thank goodness. And I haven’t had any protein in my urine and my blood counts (platelets, etc.) have been normal. This is a huge blessing!
  • I am trying to figure out if we should get all of the vaccinations for our baby on the CDC-recommended schedule The pediatrician that we are almost certainly going to use is big on following the CDC schedule, most of which I’m fine with. But I have read that there might be a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR) and T1. So I think I’ll want to delay that vaccine for our baby, if possible. Does anyone have any experience with this? Please let me know!
  • I think I wrote about this in my bio above, and in a blog post, but I am very private about my T1. VERY private. I don’t tell anyone unless/until I absolutely have to tell them, and when I do tell them, I always explain that I am very private about it, and why. That’s just how I have always been. Well, a certain family member of ours, who did not even know I had T1 until I got married and knows in detail about how I am extremely private, has told a lot of people about my T1. We found out about this when my husband was calling a lot of his relatives and parents’ friends to tell them that we were expecting. Several people said, “oh, but [this person] said that you guys would never have kids because Katie has Type 1 diabetes.” Wow. We are both so hurt and feel so betrayed by this. I could go on and on about how comments like these make me feel like a FREAK. My husband asked this person why she told all these people, and she didn’t really have an answer. She just told them to gossip and make conversation. (Let’s just say we think she needs a hobby or a job or SOMETHING to keep her busy!!) So this has made things extremely awkward and I have shed many tears over this whole situation. I am going to have to see this person when the baby is born, and I am really dreading it. She has since called my husband and cried about how we do not provide her with enough information about the pregnancy and she feels left out and is worried that she won’t be involved in our child’s life because she blabbed. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this, I’m all ears. I have a very hard time confronting people and think I will be most comfortable just keeping my distance, since I am so hurt. Plus, I worry that I would say some things that I would REALLY regret if I did have to acknowledge it or confront her. But maybe I will have to do that. I don’t know. What’s awful is that now I’m not looking forward to the big day as much as I was previously, because she’ll be there and this will be on my mind, and I hate that. Has anyone out there had to deal with a situation like this? I appreciate your input…
    Sorry for a little bit of drama here! I hope some of this info is helpful to women with T1 who might be thinking about getting pregnant. I will try to provide another update before the big day (still scheduled for Dec. 29-- just in time for the tax deduction, LOL!).

Thanks for sharing, I am very excited for you, and I think it would be best for you and your family if you did not focus on what your family member did. I think she realizes what she did as she is worried about not being a part of your little girl’s life. If you decide to talk to her about it, try to educate her correctly. I do know exactly how you feel, as I never told anyone, most of my diabetic life, that I was diabetic, but for some reason going on the pump has let me come out of the closet. :wink: My 3 year old niece is curious, but courteous. She loves to push the buttons and last night as I read her a book, my pump beeped and she said what was that, and I said my medicine and that was enough for her to move on. Perhaps be short and simple with your family member. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your healthy pregnancy! Those last weeks really fly by - enjoy all the kicks and wiggly baby belly while you still can!

My mother in law enjoyed telling everyone she came across during my pregnancy private information about my Type I (I am private in real life, too) and just plain lies she made up about issues during my pregnancy. She was very callous and rude about our babies ending up in the NICU and basically heaped blame on me for a blameless situation. I just had as little contact with her as possible, and when I had to be around her, just kept reminding myself that she was an idiot who had nothing better to do with her time than gossip. I know how hurtful a situation like this is, but just keep your chin up and don’t let this relative get to you. People who know you won’t really pay attention to her, anyway. Most people know a busybody when they hear one and don’t take their gossip to heart!

CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY!!You have opened my eyes to certain complications that when i was prego with my son i did not know about!!Yes on the mmr shot i waited to give it to my son until he was about 19 months just to be on the safe side…which everything so far is great!!He is growng well, very smart and healthy.:slight_smile:

it’s nice to know that it is posable to be a T1 diabetic and still be able to have kids for a really long time i taught it wasnt posable