Pregnant and or thinking about it with OmniPod?

Hello, my name is Natalie. I would say alot has happened within the past 2 months. I got married and one month after I found out I was a Type 1 Diabetic. Now my husband and I want to start a family and my Dr. has suggested going on a pump for at least 3 months. My question: Have anyone gone through pregnancy on the Omnipod? I am curious your experience-this is all so new to me and I am faced now with what type of pump to get and I would really like wire free.
Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

Sorry I can’t tell you anything about pregnancy, but I really like the pump in general – have been on it for 12 years. I have a Minimed 722. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easier than shots. But pregnancy complicates things, and I hope you have a really good doc!

And it’s nice to meet another Natalie! :slight_smile:

Sorrry that I will not be much help but I’m in a similar situation as you. I have an almost 5 year old little boy whom I had “gestational diabetes” with and was diagnosed with diabetes January 2010 and started on insulin January 2011. Before discovering the diabetes we had TTC for 2 years but stopped soon after my diagnosis to ensure I would have a healthy pregnancy. We are about to start TTC again and my endo keeps pushing the pump since I am on such low doses of insulin and from everything I have read its the best thing for pregnancy and makes the wild bg swings during pregnancy much easier. I have an appt with him today and will be asking him about the pump during pregnancy again and will let you know if he gives me any helpful advice.

Thanks for the reply. Let me know if your doctor recommends a specific pump.

Hi Natalie!
I had my little one last August and used the Omnipod. I went on the pump for the same reason, TTC. I loved not having the tubing of other pumps. I would say it would be good to be on the pump a couple of months to get the kinks worked out and you feeling comfortable with it before getting pregnant. I had no problems, the only potential problem would be if/when in the 3rd trimester your insulin needs increase and you have to change your pod more than every 3 days. But that is easily fixed by asking for a different prescription from your Doc. My girl came 6 weeks early so I didn’t experience the dramatic rise. My overall insulin needs didn’t change that dramatically. Once my belly was too big for the pod I wore it on my legs and back mostly. Hope this helps! I would recommend it.

Did having the pump make things easier with diabetes and pregnancy? I guess I am so new to insulin that I am very weary of the pump in reguards to malfunctions and worried about accidently giving myself a superbolus or something lol. Congrats on your little one!! Sounds like your pregnancy went pretty smooth. Any advice to us who are considering becoming pregnant?

hi Natalie - wow, you have had quite a year! I was diagnosed with autoimmune gestational diabetes (T 1.5) in 2008 at age 38 during my first pregnancy. I did not use the omnipod then, but rather, did multiple daily injections. i think my doctors thought it would be too overwhelming for me to go on a pump during my third trimester. I went on the pump in 2009 and conceived twins in October 2010. i was on the omnipod for the duration of the pregnancy and could not have been happier being on a pump for that pregnancy. it is way easier to manage blood sugars and you can correct highs with precise dosas, etc. my babies were born very healthy. i recommend starting pump use prior to pregnancy, so you ar not having to deal with a learning curve of using a pump when you are pregnant. best of luck. keep us posted! best, Melissa