I am pregnant, it seems, at least that’s what the tests say.

I am in shock, because I did not expect this would happen, because of my age, and because it was so very hard to get my second daughter 6 years ago.

Blood sugars were super low for 2 weeks, and now have already started reaching for the stratosphere. And I still have 9 months to go.

Having to remember all those tricks and strategies I last used 6 years ago!

Hoping and praying all turns out for the best.


Congratulations! This is not something I have any knowledge of - being pregnant with diabetes - but I’ve followed so many women who have shared their stories and I’m wondering if you follow them? Ginger Viera, Kerri Sparling, Sarah Sugabetic all come to mind right away.

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I hope things turn out wonderful. The world needs more great moms.

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