Preschoolers and pumping

I think that it is a very personal desision to switch your daughter to a pump, but I think you should trust your gut and go with what feels "right". I habe been diabetic since I was 2 and only wished pumps were around then. Using one now makes me think of how easily it could have been growing up! I can't offer you any advice on whether or not to choose the Omnipod, but I think that you are making the best dicision for your little girl! I live in Ontario, and am sure that there are so many options for help from the school boards for helping with dosing at school! But honestly before you know it she will be a pro at it, and you won't even think about it anymore! Good Luck in your decision, I'm sure you'll choose what is best!!!

I just switched my son who just turned 3 to an Omnipod from MDI 2 months ago. It is wonderful not to have to give him injections all the time. He never really complained but I always felt badly giving him multiple injections over a short period of time when he wanted multiple snacks in a row (which toddler boys are prone to do!). He doesn't love having the pod inserted but we've started reading/distracting him while waiting for the insertion, so we will see how it goes. I also let him put a sticker on the pod afterwards. I put tegaderm over the pod to minimize likelihood of ripping out.
As luck would have it, last week he was sick and the ability to manipulate basal rates and give boluses was wonderful!

Thank you for all the encouragement. It is hard to make a decision for her without her input as she cannot understand fully what a pump would do for her life.

That is great that the pod has helped you so much Adjomom! We are looking forward to flexability as well!

Where do you have the best luck putting his pods so they don't bother him or get knocked off?

I either put it at the top of his tush (the small of his back maybe?) to avoid poop (he isn't potty trained) or the side of his thigh. I cover with Tegaderm to hold it down better. I also got a skinny pod band from pumpwear but Jonah takes it off.