President is on tv going after pharma

talking about insulin…

I missed most of it, but people started texting me.

Canada, we are importing from you, now?

Can anybody explain to me whats happening? I’m not sure I follow these executive orders.

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I don’t tfeel good. We have only had a heat index this high a few times in all state hx.
I danced on the street with a sign like I did when lori swanson filed suit. That was in in October. This is July.

My hands and feet got tingly. I think I got heat exhaustion. Not feel ok. Took cold shower. Panting like dog. Blurry vision. No more dance. dizzy.

This dance make history. People filmed it. It was spectacular. If I do that in a skirt and heels, dudes are gonna crash their cars. I could only make it 15 minuites, then I started to go down,

Minnesota loves giant hourglassy blondes dancing like fools. People were honking like crazy. so fun. worth it. I really Shakira-ed it up, lol.

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Drink a lot of water!!! stay cool if u can.

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