Pretty good day.(:

Room was filled with friends all day. Kinda wiped me out a little. Had my entire cheer team and other friends, and even a few teachers. Glad I’m loved.(: at 6 they will start me on a sedative to calm me so my heart stays steady. Since I have a heart mermur (sp?) it’s critical they keep it watched. Surgery is at 11 tomorrow afternoon. But for my special night it’s cuddling with the boy friend, my niece, my little sister and little brother…oh and did I mention my first real food all day?!! That’s right my brother brought me some olive garden. Love them! A room full of family.(; couldn’t ask for more. 5 more days till my one year anniversary. Crazy to think we started this way, (minus the niece and little sister for they weren’t born yet.) (: not really even nurvous for tomorrow. Kinda ready.(: <3

Hope your surgery goes well today and you have a speedy recovery.

I will be thinking about you. Let us know how it goes!