Every parent will tell you that they are proud of their child. And they should. There is much to be proud of. I read the posts all the time from other moms about exemplary report cards, growth milestones, sports accomplishments… the list could go on and on.

But pride is a little different for me today.

Today my son, Colin, has been living with diabetes for 5 years.

And he wants to celebrate.

And that makes me proud.

I am proud that at the age of 7 Colin gets that today is about everything that he does right, and is in no way due to anything he has done wrong. In 5 years he has never once been ashamed or afraid of who he is or what is to come in the future. The past year has brought about many changes. At diabetes camp this summer, Colin changed his own site for the first time. This year in school, when he feels low, he gets up and tests himself without anyone telling him to. Kids that he has gone to school with for 3 years now know more about diabetes that you would believe, because Colin has taught them! For all of this and so much more- I AM SO PROUD.

So today we celebrate. With a movie, popcorn, some ice cream and a lot of laughter, we will celebrate.

I am the proudest mommy EVER. Today and always.

What an Amazing little Man you have there. I’m Happy that he is celebrating his Life with Diabetes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. He certainly should be praised for his strength and bravery and for being a Teacher/Leader. He’s so young. You have every reason to be proud. :slight_smile: You are a Wonderful Mom.

***A Big Congrats to Colin on his 5th Anniversary!!!***

Kudos to Colin & to his amazing mom. Hope you’re proud of yourself, too.


Wow! That’s doing it up right! You have an amazing son. He could teach so many of us a lesson. Have a great time. Mom, you’ve also done an excellent job at keeping it positive for your son. This celebration is yours, too.


i get the feeling he’s pretty proud of his mom, and he should be…

a lot to be proud Gayle! I always remember Colin how happy we were to meet you guys! Congrats to all you you!

Most people say to birthdays hope there are many more. to you I say I hope there are very few DIABETES birthdays more!! God bless and stay strong colin hang in there and you give me strength becasue knowing a 7 year old is a fighter makes me get through today! I celebrated my 13th diabetic b-day on september 25th 2010. I hope you never make it to 13 years of it but If you do you definitely have the strength to do it.


the day we can say I USED TO HAVE DIABETES IS SOON


-ella gracen

That brought tears to my eyes…I don’t know colin, but I’m proud of him too…you continue to be the best “mod” you can be!!