Prime Time WWYD show and diabetes

Friday’s “Primetime: What Would You Do?” helped to inculcate some of the worst myths about diabetes. The conceit of the show is that it tests whether people are likely to intervene to help others out in bad situations, or to stop them from doing something wrong in ethically questionable situations.

In the show I saw on Friday, the hired an overweight actress to play the mom in a supermarket, shopping with her overweight little girl. The mom had a shopping cart full of junk food, and an actress or actor would come up to the pair and berate the mom for making bad food choices and abusing her child by feeding her junk food. Would anyone stop to rescue these two from being verbally abused?

The whole thing was pretty contrived, but it really started to annoy me when the thin actress yelled at the large actress playing the mom, "It’s my business because I’m going to have to pay for your diabetes in the future! Tell me, do you have diabetes yet?"

I can’t even formulate the words for why I found this so annoying but if anybody is going to understand my annoyance it’s you guys.

Mixed on this one WWYD didn’t say that the thin actress was correct but it is showing a common misconception. Kinda like an idiot saying you know you get AIDS from being gay. The show is not trying to educate people on the causes or facts on anything it is more a behavioral study which makes it proper to show commonly known falsehoods. Look at it in a different perspective say to take a common falsehood of “All Muslims are terrorist” if the show did a bit on people harassing Muslims would it of offended you as much if the had a harasser shout “All Muslims are terrorist” when the show is hoping to get a passer by to intervene.