Priming but saying it does not prime

My daughter has been having problems with her Ping every so often. She is 12 years old and does it herself but my husband or myself are always watching when she changes her infusion site. Anyway, she goes through all the steps of rewinding, load cartridge, prime and fill cannula. Everything seems to go right but then later it says that it was never primed, so the last 2 steps weren't done, when they always were. It never alerts us that anything is wrong until she goes to bolus. Has anyone has this problem? And any suggestions what is going wrong?

I've had the "pump not primed" alert a couple times and never knew why, but I don't think it was soon after I'd changed my set (like the next bolus).

Is this happening frequently? Does she always wait until she sees a couple drops come out when she primes? (My experience is it takes from 16-19 units depending on how fast I am!). Are you sure she's filling the cannula with the correct amount? The amounts are different for each type, so if she's changed type of set or alternates different types she might not be using the right amount. Check the directions from the set to verify the amount. That's all I can think of. But it definitely shouldn't be happening on any kind of regular basis. if you don't get an answer on here then I would contact Animas and ask their advice.

Whenever this has happened it is always when she has to bolus, either after she eats or b/c her number is a little high.

It happens about 1 out of 5 changes...just a guess here. Yes we see the drops come out and it is always about the same as yours. Sometimes when we prime again (after it alerts her that it wasn't primed) it only says 1 unit came out when obviously more came out. And yes, she is filling the cannula to the right amount. She shows us before she pushes anything.

Thanks for your help. This is very annoying!!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but one out of five is definitely too often. One advantage to talking with others is to know what's typical. When I was having a lot of set failures I "took a survey" and found out they were not very common so knew I had to figure out what to change.

Have you called tech support? That would be my first step. I have never had this with any of my pumps, but if it were a common issue, they would know how to troubleshoot & if not they will get a replacement out immediately.

I’m fairly new to the Ping and one thing that I read to stop priming errors was to do two things. 1) be sure to really push in the cartridge when you load it. 2) be sure that the reservoir cap is screwed on tightly. Haven’t had any priming errors since I started doing those two things.

I have actually called tech support and for some reason I always have to leave a message. I am not sure if I call during busy hours or what. And the one time they did call back it was 1 am and they promised to call back at a more reasonable hour. Which never happened.

Thanks. I will double check my daughter's pump right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is there a time to call that is best? She changed her site today and so far so good.

New pump on it's way!!!!

Make sure that the reservoir is pushed fully into its hole and the o-ring has contacted the cylinder. Make sure that the cap is tightly screwed into the cylinder.

I had several problems with the loss of prime and that seemed to be the cause. Also, be sure that your daughter moves the plunger in and out of the reservoir cylinder several times to properly lubricate the cylinder. The pump may not have enough power to push the plunger if not properly lubricated.

These two things have helped my very same problem with this issue. Please feel free to ask if there should be a question. If the problem continues, please call Animas customer service.

I had the exact same problem - twice. Called tech support... Got a call back within half an hour. It turns the first thing they asked was for me to check and make sure the cartridge cap was screwed on tight. Well - that was the problem. Once tightened, I had to go through the rewind, load, prime and fill cannula steps. But all was well after that. I'm sure that they would have stayed on the phone to go through further instructions if that had not been the problem. I've always had really good response from their tech support - even though I have had to wait ~ 1/2 hr or so a couple of time for call back. They really know their pumps and, at least in my experience, have been extremely helpful.

I called on Sunday morning after yet another no priming warning signal and I talked to a wonderful woman from tech support for almost an hour. We tried everything and we decided it was best to send a new pump and for her to go back to doing shots until the new pump arrived. I am thrilled to say that on Tuesday her new pump arrived and it is working so well!! Her numbers have all wonderful since the new pump! Thank you for all your help and support!!

Thank you Brian. She ended up needing a completely new pump which arrived on Tuesday. Her numbers have been great since her new pump! I had a very long conversation with tech support and we went over everything. We took her off her old pump and she was on shots Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday. We are all glad to have the pump back! Thanks for your help!