Printing out the info

Amy, the next time you see your doctor, tell him exactly what you said here. Every day that you have to deal with BS over 300 because he won’t give you the tools that you can use, is time off of your life. You are the one that will have to suffer from complications, not him.

If he won’t sign off on it the next time you see him, you should start thinking about switching doctors. There is no reason that you have to go thru this crap. My PCP signed off on the pump for me. I know you were already doing research on pumps & probably have the one you want picked out.

That is how Joslin does it. I am glad I didn’t go there! I wasn’t even with my trainer an hour.

They also made her get a dilated eye exam to start the process off.

yeah, doesn’t matter which pump you go on. With the dex I had a 2 hour appt but learned so quickly it only lasted 1.5 hours. It would’ve of taken less but I wanted to be sure I had everything down pat and asked questions that confused me from the research I did.

Hopefully, you will get started on carb counting - that will be alot easier. You take insulin based on what you are eating & not some fixed amount. If you don’t feel like eating, you don’t have to. If you want to eat a big meal, you can. If you want to eat a small meal you can. Life is easier that way!

I do! I want to try animas. I like how the meter has a carb directory and how the insulin delivery is done. I like that when I am at work, I can skip lunch and eat later when I am done or if breakfast and lunch has to be near each other, I can set the pump to do so. Plus I like the features it has and the rep that i have spoken with thus far has been extremely helpful. They sent info asap to me and there was a follow up letter as well. I visit animas site all the time and joined animas group on here and have learned a TON from them. I just received Pumping insulin by John walsh and read think like a pancreas which has been helpful. I can’t wait to get my pumping insulin book (it arrived at my boyfriend’s house as I have trouble getting packages at my house and his car died so I can’t get it until I see him next). So I am fully aware and prepared. I just itch to get it! I just know that animas is the one for me and will improve my life. I hear from so many of you that it helped you control better and get your A1C down. plus at the “is pumping for me” class I hear it lowers the A1C. And I told them the reason for wanting the pump now is because I have the time to do so and I want my A1C down. I’ve had this disease since 12/21/06. Its time for a change! I thought about animas 2020 pump back in 2007 but I didnt have insurance at the time. Now I have commonweath care and my plan covers it 100%, I want it

I got my eyes dilated so I can cross that off. But I just want to get the rest going

You are the first person I have ever heard of having to do that - that is crazy! I talked to someone with severe vision problems that was being pushed by her doctor to get a punp to make it easier.

I love my PIng! It took me a long time to change my mind about getting a pump, but I am glad I did. Sounds like you are ready! Once you get going on it, join Danny’s TAGgers group - that will really help. It has made a difference for me.

I just know now is the time to do it. I should’ve of done it long time ago but didn’t have the insurance. last year was iffy as I just moved back and wasn’t sure about insurance. I am so ready for this and will be happy once I am on it, I can go job hunting knowing I dont have to worry about taking time off or losing my job due to the number of appts I have to take. I want to be in a better place health wise and diabetes wise. I am just fighting and fighting.

You will get there Amy! A pump isn’t the best thing to get with iffy insurance so waiting was the right thing to do. I think you will see a world of difference once you get it. I also think having the Dexcom first will help transition you better. I had mine before the pump and i think it helped.

I keep hearing about this world of difference and want a piece of that! I’m tired of MDI, I’m tired of having to wait to eat, having to see my sugar levels not be where it should be, etc. I just want to switch!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you can convince your doctor next week! Go in with a good list why this is important for you to do now and how much better it will be for you!

thanks Kelly!!! I just really want to do this than going back to humalog and lantus especially when the lunch time shot will be hard to even do! The pump will make my life much easier

Tell him that with your work schedule and your job, it will be very hard for you to do the shots. You should not have to do that!

exactly kelly…what I learned about doing humalog is you have to wait 15-30 mins before you can eat. my break is only 15 mins. and it takes me a good 15 mins to eat a small quick lunch but I prefer to take my time otherwise I get a icky feeling in my stomach. Hence why I dont want to go back to the 4 shots a day. Plus it was time consuming for me as I am a bit slow with my hands, etc. I want my pump! thats all I have to say.