Problem of country

So, you know what it means to have diabetes and all the complications involved in it. It will be 11 years the 10th of this month I learnt to live with this kind of disease and I know very well how it works. I'm able to understand effects things have on my blood glucose level and keep it under control. Once I told that, I want to share my own problem. I have this dream of flying and take the PPL ( Private Pilot Licence) here in Italy, so last year, when it comes my 17th birthday, I started doing researches about how get it. Once I reached the Air club of Torino ( is where I live) they told me I have to pass the medical vision of the Aeronautic of Milan, and they said I have to call the doctor in order to know the possibilities of a visit as soon as possible. So I called the doctor, and I told him I have diabetes. He said I'm not able to take the PPL because of an old law of 1995 which forbid to everybody who needs insuline to take the PPL. Is that right? Countries around Italy has stabilished new and more intelligent rules ( rigid controles etc...) allowding also who has diabetes type one to take the PPL and fly... It drives me mad! How can a country be so old of mentality? What you think I should do?

Sadly, that is often the position the FAA takes in the US as well. There is a waiver program available, but it is difficult at best to get approval, although many US pilots have managed to get through it. Most, myself included while I do have a PPL granted many years before I was diagnosed, , have moved to the light sport aircraft (LSA) which do not require an FAA medical certificate, only a valid driver's license. I don't know if this is available in Italy.