Problems accessing data on G4 replacement receiver

We received a replacement receiver for our G4 last week. Dexcom Studio shows the data has uploaded, & I can see the receiver number listed in the patient list, but the data doesn't show.

What am I doing wrong?

When I got my replacement receiver it read and loaded it fine, but there was no way to see my old data at the same time as the old one.
I had to switch back and forth between the two.

I would go and check how to do that but my Windows 7 PC died and now I'm stuck with Windows 8 which doesn't work :-(

I can load the all of the old data although not at the same time, but nothing from the new receiver at all. The serial number is correct in the patient list, & the receiver shows to be uploading.

In that case I would call Dexcom.
You'll be on hold for a while, but then they'll give you the call back option. Just do that and they will call you back quickly.
Good Luck!

After trying everything I could think of, I called Dexcom tech support. They couldn't figure it out either. They had me do a reset on the receiver database, which wiped the week's data completely. It uploads fine now, but it seems to me they should have a better fix. Glad it was only 1 week of data we lost.