Problems reading G6 Display on Iphone

A few months ago I switched from Dexcom G5 to G6. I like G6 with one exception, I now cannot read the numbers on my iPhone without my reading glasses. I believe that the size of the numbers on the G6 App are slightly smaller than those on G5?

Anyway last night I woke and looked at the display by my bed without using my glasses. I misread the numbers. When I realized this later, I found a solution - I installed Dexcom Follow on my iphone and I now run this instead of the main Dexcom App… With this, I get large black numbers that I can easily read without my glasses even across the room.

Hope that this helps someone.


I use Siri when I am in bed. Siri reads the BG number out loud when asked: “Siri, what is my blood sugar?”

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I had thought of doing this but my wife is a light sleeper and I would not want to wake her.

@Cattell, I understand. My wife can only sleep with the TV on and I can only sleep with the TV off. Luckily enough, we have enough bedrooms. These days I rarely ask Siri anymore because I am Looper and Loop keeps my BG where it should be without me doing anything.

@Helmut - My Siri command is simply “Blood sugar”

It’s especially handy when I’m driving

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In the car, I must admit I switch into english english and use “Bloody h***!”.

What we need to do is train our partners to deal with noise esp alarms and opening loud packages of glucose whatever’s.
Then they won’t be bothered

I don’t know about apple, but android phones have an accessibility option magnifying glass that let’s you enlarge items. When I turn it on, I can triple click the screen and it enlarges the area. You might see what accessibility options apple has.

I relay the CGM data to my Apple watch. Set the CGM at the bottom of the programmable watch face. I use it thru the night if i need to know. I also have my alarms on my Apple watch. I use these apps for their various features: t:Connect to see CIQ & CGM interaction, Dexcom Share & Clarity for CGM reporting to my endo & me, Glooko+Diasend (fka Diasend) for backup reporting to my endo, and Sugarmate for its alarms - it is a “female dog” to set up on an Apple watch.

Welcome & hope this helps.