Problems with Animas Vibe's Alarms

Could very well be stupidity, but who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory :smile:.

Either way, the motivation is mostly irrelevant…what matters is that it’s poor design and even worse user testing. If proper testing was done I don’t see how this wouldn’t have been identified

So, I’ve been using the Vibe for almost a week now, and the alarm volume levels are an issue for me as well. If the volume of the “High” setting is what it is, then I would hate to hear (or not hear) what the medium and low settings are like. I’m coming off of OmniPod where the alarms were, at times, almost too loud, but now I almost appreciate how loud they were/are. Occasionally I have to work in our cleanroom and the alarms & vibrations are practically useless when I’m smocked up, which I realize that could carry my Dex receiver separately just for the alarms, but that totally negates why I went with the Vibe in the first place. (Less to have to carry…Ugghhh!) Has Animas addressed this issue that so many seem to be having? Also, it would be nice to have a "preview"option so the sounds could be played manually.

Agree on all points.

Haven’t heard of Animas addressing any of this, and honestly, I’m not even sure what they could do to improve the situation. Maybe update the software so that you can use the <55 alarm (which is pretty loud) for your standard low/high alarms?

Ever since I started wearing Dexcom -and thats 2 months now- I never had to wake up covered in sweat -i may have had one bad low where it was below 50 and I didn’t hear the alarm and wasn’t even able to speak… was a terrifying night that one!- However I started clipping it to my t-shirt on the top or my bra. I have to tell u the first night I did that and went below 80, when it vibrated I HAD TO JUMP OUT OF BED WITH A SCREAM! It seems that it worked.

Good to hear Anna. Just to be clear to everyone, when you say “wearing Dexcom” do you mean the separate Dexcom receiver, or the Animas Vibe that has Dexcom integration?

I mean Animas vibe the one integrated with Dexcom :smile:

my wish…to have a corded one ear speaker to hook up at night …I have to wear my hearing aid to sleep in due to being deaf to the Dexcom…some kind of sleeping speaker should be easy to devise**, mighty sorry for your scary low…been there…hate it**

I use a Ping and a Dexcom G4, but I may be upgrading to the Vibe at some point in the not-too-distant future. WIth the Ping, I have all the alarms set to vibrate and when I sleep I clip it to the centre of my waistband near my belly button. When I do this with the pump facing inwards, it vibrates into my stomach and always wakes me up. If not, maybe clipping it facing inwards in the centre of your collar would work so that you’d feel the vibrations on your chest and neck and also hear the alarms more easily.

I guess this wouldn’t work for people who sleep on their stomach, though.

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