Problems with basal testing


My son uses the omnipod and CGM, and we are trying to test his basals. I have spent a very long time researching how to do this and thought it was going to be a pretty easy thing to do.

His basals were normally .45 in the morning, and .35 throughout the day and night. While fasting, I had a hard time keeping his sugar from dropping low with a basal of .25. If I drop it down to .20 his sugar gets high. I did this for 2.5 weeks and thought for sure I had a steady enough basal program worked out.

So I figured I would try out the new basal program today while eating normally (normal amounts of fat and protein). His sugar stayed 300 all day and no amount of corrections would bring it down until I upped his basals back to what they were originally.

He drinks milk at every meal (10 year old boy), eats chicken, fish, and lean beef, and has about 165 carbs a day. I feel like basal testing is useless because it doesn’t take into account the normal amount of fat that he has a day that I’m sure makes his basal needs higher than what fasting shows. Thoughts?

I’d skip the basal testing and return to the pump settings that gave the best results. And just keep tweaking settings from that point on.

That’s what I figured as well. I’m just going to go back to adjusting rates the way I did when he was on shots years ago. If it’s high or low between boluses, adjust the basal, and if it’s high or low 2-3 hours post bolus, adjust the ic ratio.


I find basal testing to be difficult, too. You’re not the only one. If you ever can get 2-3 tests for each time (and a pattern is evident), don’t worry about the fat. His diet is much more controlled than most children. Having fat (and protein) in his diet in equal proportions with carbs is a good thing.

Despite my difficulty in getting basal testing done, I have been able to figure out HOW much to eat (and maintain my weight) and generally how much insulin to take. But, at 51, I am NOT a growing boy anymore.

You can only do your best. Forget the rest.

This is pretty much what we do.

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Thank you! :blush: