Problems with Medtronic 670G: ("Beginner's frustration" and reps promising that will eventually go away...)


There’s no reason any website or browser should require the Java plugin. It was simply laziness on Medtronic’s part. Luckily, enough people yelled loud enough that they finally have updated their site so that that plugin is no longer needed.

I’ve been using the 670g in auto mode for 4.5 months now. I find it much better than manual mode, but not nearly as good as it could be. The internal code is buggy but hopefully there will be updates.


I started at the end of August, gave up toward the end of December. About four months. I was actually the first person in my endo’s practice to go on it, so they were very interested and attentive, and I wanted to do it by the book, be patient and give it my best shot. But I guess it just doesn’t work as well for some as for others.


Sounds like you might have been a bit of a test subject! I feel like that sometimes. I Hope what you’re using now is working great for you. :blue_heart:


Thanks @Elyssia_Reedy. I basically gave up and went back to what I was using before, namely my old out-of-warranty pager-style Paradigm and Dexcom G5. Works fine for me. I posted about it here: Mothballing my 670G