Problems with the pod coming off

My 11 year old son is a rough and tumble kid. He has been a pod user for about 5 weeks. We like everything about it, except that the pod has come off 3 times when he has been rough housing with friends. I’m looking for some suggestions to keep the pod more secure.

Also, this is my son’s first pump, so we have no other experience with traditional pumps. We’re thinking of switching to a pump with a tube. Does anyone have thoughts about that?

Just a note about tubing. I’ve had my minimed for four years now. And I’ve ripped out my infusion sites more times than I can name. So if he is truly an active kid it might rip out those infusion sites as much as pods being ripped off. I think in the Omnipod group there is a discussion on things that can be used to help keep the pods in place. Hope that helps some!


Hello! There are a lot of tips in the omnipod group here. Susan has a son who is using the Omnipod and here is a link to the tips “Omnipod tips and tricks”. I am a Podder also but I had only one issue with it coming off and it was my fault…lol I had the pod on my arm and it almost came off. I walked around for 3 days wearing a sock around my arm…lol

I use Mastisol on my skin before putting on an infusion set and have never had one come off since using it. It is a surgical strength skin adhesive. They recommend you use detachol to take the adhesive off, but after 3-4 days wear I don’t have a problem getting the adhesive off my skin. I have dropped my pump and caught the tubing on door knobs and it hasn’t came off with the Mastisol.

I use an Animas pump. I have a time or two caught my infusion set on something and pulled it out. It doesn’t happen that often. If he did use tubing, it would be a lot cheaper to put a new one in, should he accidentally pull one out.
Cody, thanks for the tip on Mastisol. I’m looking for something to glue my Dexcom sensor down a little better.