Product Models

Alright people, Its time to be quite blunt. Okay, whenever you see a product like Infusion Sets being modeled on a site, they usually have this awesome looking model who is 2% bodyfat and teetering on jailbait territory. Thats all fine and dandy, because I know that they are trying to sell the product, and make it look as good as possible. BUT I WANT TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!!! I am not thin by any strech of the imagination. Never really have been. I want to see wht that infusion set looks like on a real person. Show me a 300 lb fat woman with stretch marks and a bad perm. That would give me a good idea of what to expect. Not that I have a perm, lol as that would be hillarious, but still. What are your thoughts?

A few weeks ago I went to my endo’s office to get a Medtronic CGMS put on me by the rep. She asked where I wanted it, I requested my back on the right. She said there wasn’t enough fat, so chose another location. (I am not necessarily thin, either – but I’m not heavy at 5’-2" and 115lbs (BMI=21).)

Before I left the rep gratuitiously handed me a brochure for the Medtronic/MM pump and monitor and, as I was leafing through, I noticed the same thing you mentioned. Ultra skinny models, men and women, galloping along the beach or lounging on the park grass, with all accoutrement of pumping attached. I wondered, if the rep told me I didn’t have enough fat to place the monitor where I wanted, how the hell could the brochure’s models be justified? Even the photographs in JDRF’s recently released brochure (Adult Type 1 Toolkit) depict thin people.

Although most Type 1s could be profiled as thin and most Type 2s as heavy, I agree that reality should be reflected in advertising. But if that were the case no one would drink beer or take anti-depressants…

That whole answer just made my day!

And I love my beer and anti depressants!!