Products that lower Carbohydrate ABSORPTION

I came across a product called CARB INTERCEPT at the 2009 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Denver. It is sprinkled on foods to reduce carbohydrate and calorie absorption. The product is made by Natrol. Its active ingredient is white kidney bean extract. Are you familiar with the product? The representative stated that the product reduces absorption by 50%. I am interested in finding out if anyone has tried this product and can share whether is as effective as touted.

I can’t imagine that this is anything but a scam & that it would cause digestive problems. Reminds me of the Olestra fat subsititute that had people running to the bathroom.

No end to the “miracles” for weight loss.

I just saw Olestra in a product very recently, I forget what it was. That stuff used to be in nearly everything on the potato chip isle. I would have to agree with you on the Carb Intercept product, sounds like either a scam or something that would not be very healthy for you.

I can imagine that this product slows absorption, but not reduces it. Many other things slow digestion and therefore absorption (fat, protein, fiber, … ).

As someone with type 1 diabetes, I know that carbs can’t usually be “hidden” – they eventually raise my blood sugar – sooner or later.

I have no idea whether this works. Certainly, there are carb blockers and other things that impede the absorption of carbs. Perhaps the best known is Acarbose (doctor prescirbed) which (like Natrol’s product) inhibits the enzymes needed to digest carbs. In the case of Acarbose, it works on complex carbs, presumably simple carbs still get sucked right up. Even metformin has as one of its actions, impeding the absorption of carbs. Thus, I would argue that there are products that can lower the absorption of carbs.

That being said, I would caution you that simple carbs are absorbed directly and that I would not expect any “carb blocker” to have much effectiveness against that absorption. Heck, you can absorb sugar in your mouth! If you want to try out a carb blocker, that is fine, but I would recommend that you talk with your doctor about Acarbose rather than turning to this product. You have to realize at best this will cut a modest fraction of the effect of the carbs that you eat and will never give you a free license to eat carbs. If you are diligently counting carbs it will be a further variable out of your control.

And finally, you have to realize, this product is not without potential side effects. When you don’t absorb carbs, they travel further down your digestive tract where they can provide fodder to the wonderful flora in your gut. Some people experience terrible gas, gloating and distress with these products. On metformin, I have noticed greater distress with carbs in my meals and attribute it to this effect. Bottom line, blocking carbs may have some icky side effects.