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Hi everyone,

I grew up in Prince Edward Island (Canada)- but currently reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on November 11th, 1995, at the age of 9. My younger sister was diagnosed a year before me. Otherwise, we had no known family members living with Type 1 Diabetes. My mother is an RN and so that tremendously helped in the day-to-day management of diabetes growing up.

A1c: Currently at its best (that I can remember) at 7.7% (down from 8.8 last visit). I am very pleased with this!

Hobbies: photography, reading, and spending time with my beloved Pomeranian, Onyx, family, partner, and friends! :smile:


@Natalie5, thanks for adding your story. It seems unusual that you and your sister both came down with T1D but you don’t know of any other relatives. From reading here and on other sites I don’t think it’s that rare.

I’m curious how you treat your T1D. Do you use MDI or a pump? If MDI, what insulins do you use? Do you test a lot?

I’ve never been to your area of Canada but it’s on my short list of places to visit.

I have been using an insulin pump for about the last 9 years. My first pump was an Animas one and my current pump is a Medtronic. I use Novorapid in my pump.

I do tend to test fairly frequently overall… anywhere from 3-8 times a day. I test when I wake up, before meals, before bed, and anytime I feel low or ‘off’ (high usually).

The Maritimes in Canada are beautiful to visit- you should definitely take a trip! :smile:

Do you use MDI or a pump? And how often do you test? @Terry4

I use an Animas Ping (last 7 years) but I’ve been using pumps, mostly MiniMeds (Medtronic) since 1987. My Dex G4 CGM has been invaluable for keeping my average blood glucose in a tight range. I fingerstick an average of 14x/day but range from 5-30, depending on what’s going on.

Some people, I’m sure, rolls their eyes when they learn about my diabetes testing frequency, but my habits have taken over the chore and I don’t find it difficult. Using all this testing info has allowed me to maintain an 80%+ time in range 65-140 mg/dl, with less than 5% of my time hypo. I find better control much less demanding than poor control. It’s a paradox.

I look forward to visiting the Maritimes in the next few years. Any seasonal suggestions?

Oh wow- that sure is a lot of testing! I hope you have some coverage?
Glad to hear that your control is so good though. :smiley:

If you go to PEI in the summer there are lots of great beaches (if that interests you). PEI is a very relaxed low-key kind of lifestyle. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation I recommend PEI.

NS has lots of beautiful views too and Halifax is our city where there are plenty of things to do and see. There is always concerts/festivals/events going on as well- particularly in the summertime.

Thanks for the travel tips, @Natalie5. I wish you the best of luck with your diabetes and all your interesting hobbies.

Thank you! Same to you. @Terry4