Program focused on Aging with T1D and LADA

Connected in Motion is hosting a virtual program for adults with T1D who are interested in topics related to aging. If anyone is interested - we’d love to have you! We’d also be grateful for any help in spreading the word.

The program is FREE (funded through the Government of Canada) and has some great topics and speakers.

PROGRAM : Platinum Virtual Slipstream
DATE : October 22-23
COST : Free
AUDIENCE : Anyone living with Type 1 diabetes who is interested in topics associated with Aging and T1D.
INFO & REGISTRATION : Platinum Slipstream 2021 | Connected in Motion

Keep Moving! Exercise, mobility & maintaining strength presented by Jill Duff, Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist
Being active is an important part of living with Type 1 diabetes. As our bodies age, we’re faced with new challenges related to how we can exercise, maintain strength and stay on the move. Join us for an overview of the major physical changes that occur and how we can prepare for them both mentally and physically. Hear from the experience of others on how their exercise and activity levels have evolved over the years.

Advocacy & Aging: Making sure your voice is heard presented by Kimberley Hanson, Executive Director, Diabetes Canada
The way we advocate for ourselves as people living with diabetes, as well as the things we advocate for is constantly evolving. As we live longer with Type 1 diabetes, we may find ourselves needing to advocate differently with our health care providers, our families and loved ones, and our community supports. This presentation will provide some tangible tools to help navigate conversations around changes in our health, finances and living arrangements.

Age Pride: Shifting our mindset and maintaining mental health presented by Leela Kausch, LA, LMSW
Taking care of our mental health is important for all people with diabetes. Join us for a conversation about maintaining mental health and gain tools for shifting your mindset towards age pride. As a community of older people with Type 1 diabetes, we’ve been there, lived it, and earned the opportunity to enjoy where we’re at right now.

Diabetes Technology: What is here now, what is coming, and how it may help me presented by Dr Michelle Litchman, PHD, FNP-BC, FAANP, FADCES
The use of technology in managing Type 1 diabetes by older people has been shown to have many impacts including less risk of hypoglycemia and increased quality of life. Unfortunately, it can also come with barriers relating to finances, changing bodies, and the fast-paced advancements of diabetes tech. Join us for a look at the diabetes technology options that are available in 2021, the advancements in accessibility that have been made and are on the horizon, and an opportunity to share your experiences and get your questions answered.


Thanks for offering this opportunity. I just signed up.

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