Pronunciation help please!

I’ve already embarrassed myself by pronouncing retinopathy as “re-tin-O-path-ee”, so I don’t want to sound silly again.

How do you pronounce “Sulfonylureas?”

errr… I always pronounce retinopathy that way… what’s the correct pronunciation?!

Try this site, Kelly… they pronounce it out loud for you. lol

It’s pronounced re-tin-aw-path-ee. I thought you pronounced it “Oh”.

Wow. I wasn’t even close. Thanks Lizmari!

kinda rhymes with diarrhea?

OMG. I’ve been putting in different words just to hear Austin say them. It’s hilarious–highly recommend this if you are bored!!


The site sounds like English English, not American English.
Get your doctor to pronounce a word and then he’ll understand you when you pronounce it like he does.
In American English, it’s re tin AH pa thy The last “thy” is with the soft “th” and the “y” is “ee”.

I’m pretty sure my Doc pronounces it retin"AH"pathy not Oh. If you type in a word that’s pronounced differently in British English it will say both versions and designate “American” or “British” Try garage or aluminum. What Fun! (I should be working)