Proper Deit for Diabetic

I just want to have some information on the best food that the diabetic patient must be eaten.

Hi, I noticed that no one has answered you yet. My Daughter was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago now. We have just had our appointment with the dietitian. This is important so you that you can find out how many carbs you should be eating. It also has a lot to do with your age, your type of diabetes, activity level…etc. There are all sorts of diabetic recipies online - food network (low carb n lovin it, Ellie Reiger),, American Diabetes Association. You could also google diabetic diet.
I think this would all be great starting points. Maybe make an appointment with your Dr. to find out what he wants your target carb ratio to be. We are count carbs for my daughter.
I hope this helps. Good Luck.