Proposal for software which will utilize the output of the Glucose Sensor and blood glucose meter(s) along with the current basal settings and bolus values downloaded from the insulin pump

I want to combine the output of sensor, pump and meters in order to enable the diabetic (and/or health care team) to visually SEE the results and modify them. Also would LOVE to find the "problem spots" via pattern analysis of the glucose readings, pointing them out (and determining if they are bolus or basal caused) with recommended fixes!

Eventually, using a programmed set of times & values, get the user to aid system in setting of his bolus and basal rates, determine the timing of both insulin and food regarding blood sugar rise/fall, and to ensure the user is CORRECTLY using the instruments (i.e. are they entering correct values for Blood Sugar in their pumps for correction values (and determine the correct value for correction values at various blood sugar levels)

Anyone interested, having ideas, contribution of ideas, ideas of how to get backing (funding and more important support from companies with software/hardware for development), etc PLEASE comment and let me know - either here or directly to me!

828-LivingWithThePump.pdf (2.81 MB) 829-PumpSensorMetercombinationsoftwarefinal.pdf (196 KB)