Pros and Cons of the Pump?

I was told I wasn’t a candidate for the pump because my only insulin was Lantus. But I had a few friends with it and they all LOVED it. Why? Because of the reductions in insulin injections. They don’t even notice it anymore. Colleen

There are lots of pros and cons listed - I’ll just say that the biggest pro for me has been really great A1C1’s, less lows, less highs, and the ability to do the things I love (golfing, hiking, etc.) without going low all the time. The cons for me are the same as with multiple injections - I just wish I could live life without worrying about diabetes at all.

so much info! this is great!! been on the mini med pump 522 six months and have to say that all my fear has gone away… as in everyone’s replies the pump has made life much simpler and easier. i wear clipped to my underwear inside my pants when i need to be discreet but other than that where it like a pager and no one even notices. there are cons and you figure them out as you go along; ie hot tubs, yanking the inset by catching the tubing, where to place the meter when wearing a formal dress, etc.

the cons, i eat more “junk” food…

Well–letssee here. Brand new to the board, but an Animas IR 1250 user for 4 years. I travel, work, live eat sleep all without even thinking about it.

It took me a long time to get out of the mindset I had to eat to my insulin dose and not the ohter way around. I’ve been type 1 for 12 years now and would not trade this thing for anything. I would not be sitting in an airport on a work assignment without it.

I can go, stop, eat, change, sleep, wake all of the above with it since the rates can be changed so quickly.

I am on 32 units a day and change tanks about every 2 days. Injection sites changed about every 3 days.

Do it, you will not be sorry.

Cynthia - I just joined this site and have been type 1 diabetic for 36 years. I am seriously thinking about using the pump and went to a Medtronic meeting. I am really dreading the tubing and being hooked up. I’m very active and around the lake and in swim suits all summer. I have read and studied on the omnipod and have just received the demo to try. It is definitely bigger than the medronic but I love the idea of no tubing. I have read some problems about them concerning the pump failure. Did your insurance cover the cost? Are you on the omnipod now? If I don’t like one of the pumps what hassles do the insurance companies give you to change to another pump. How long were you on Medtronic Miniped and what are your reasons for switching to Omnipod? If you switched do you like it better. I liked the idea of the carb counter on the Onmipod. Does Medtronic have that? I have been on shots for so long, but would love not taking so many and having more freedom. I take 12 units of lantus and from 7-9 units of humalog on most days. Thanks.

Hi Saundra,
I just joined this website and it is very interesting. I have been diabetic for 36 years. I am Type 1. I noticed a couple of you have mentioned the OmniPod and I have been thinking very hard about going on a pump. I, also, don’t want the tubing. I attended a Metronic Meeting and they do have a lot of statistics on their side. Did you go on the Omnipod. I just got a demo model today and sent in information about my insurance. The onmipod is quite a bit bigger than the Medtonic on your skin, but NO TUBING!! I have read on the internet about the failure of the Omnipod Pump, some issues with the training, and customer service so wondered what your experience with it has been. I did talk to customer service about these things this evening and they were very nice and helpful. She wasn’t a diabetic, but had worn the Omnipod and they do have service reps that are diabetic and wear it who are going to call me tomorrow hopefully. Thanks!

I’ve been on a pump for 13 years. I made the decision after an unplanned pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. My A1C was way too high going into the pregnancy & after I lost the baby, I realized that I needed to do something different, but I was so tired of taking shots - & it’s not like you get to take less insulin when you’re pregnant. So, I went on the pump & have never looked back. There are downsides - like right now, for example, when I’m up after 1am waiting to see if my new infusion set is working properly - but for me, the pros always outweigh the cons.
Honestly, I wouldn’t have my three beautiful, healthy daughters without it. My insulin requirements, normally 30-40U a day, went to around 100U a day with my first two & up to 160U a day with my third. Seriously. I don’t know how I would have done it without the pump.

I have not really done much research on using a pump, but people tell me I should look into it. My major concern is my job. I work in the receiving department for a university, and I’m always lifting heavy stuff…I have a tendency for being very clumsy, and I’m afraid of possibly lifting a case of paper and hitting or dislodging something. Again, I’ve not done much research, but is this something to be concerned about?

It took me about 60 days to really get used to having this thing attached to me 24/7. After years of thinking diabetes didn’t control me I felt like I was allowing the pump to control me, and serve as a constant reminder that I didn’t need.
But I hardly notice it now and the positives outweigh any of the misgivings I once had. Many others have recited the pros and cons and I have little to add. But it was a mental adjustment for me, more so than a physical or medical one. The flexibility and convenience are huge positives. Each summer I go on a pump holiday for a week or so and use only shots, but I find myself missing the pump. Guess I’m hooked.

If anyone could ruin a pump, it is me. I have been on the pump for 12 years or so and have gone through many stages of life. I have played softball, basketball, soccer and skied with it and have gone through two pregnancies and children (who are 6 and 8 now). I can only remember a handful of times when the infusion set has come out. And do you know what caused 99% of them? When I was going to the bathroom. I just didn’t have it hooked onto my pants quite right and it fell off. The weight of the pump just pulled it off. But seriously, it has happened maybe 3 times. And if something did pull it out, it takes like 5 minutes to replace the set. Easy! Go for it. You won’t regret it.