Protective Screen - New PDM

I noticed that I have ‘MARKED UP’ the screen on my new PDM. Then I brought a new iPhone this weekend and placed a protective screen on it. After thinking about it I said this would be perfect for my PDM. I cut one to fit the PDM window and so far so good.

I did the exact same thing when I first got my new PDM. It makes it less bright (but unnoticeable, other than the fact that I know what it was like w/o the protector on there) and I have no worries about scratching it up. It’s my understanding that the screen on this new PDM is much easier to replace though, so the extra work we put in may not be worth the effort for some :slight_smile:

I did that with my Navigator CGM, too. Works like a charm. I just picked up some generic cut-to-fit digital camera screen protectors from (gasp) Wal-Mart.

Good idea!

I did the same thing!!!

I did a similar thing with the same material I used to protect my Nintendo DS . Works very well on my PDM.