Protein in urine NOT associated with Preeclampsia

Has anyone else had a spot urine (or 24 hour) test come back showing elevated proteins without other symptoms of preeclampsia or kidney issues?

After running a few different tests my docs have concluded that these elevated levels are “just normal” for me.

(Oddly none of my spot urine tests run by my endo previously have ever come back with protein, but when she ran a general protein spot urine–vs. specific–the level did come back on the higher end.)

A lot of things can cause proteinuria, from recent exercise to stress, so it is not always a serious diagnostic sign. It is better to do a 24-hour urine collection test.

I have, twice. Both came back high (520-650). My doctors aren’t too worried, so neither am I, just more curious if anyone else has experience with this.