PSSST! Don't forget to fill out the adults with type 1 conference survey!

Hey! Have you filled out the survey about the adults with type 1 conference? We REALLY need a lot of people to fill it out to let us know what you think so we can get this show on the road, so please fill out this survey if you haven’t already:

You’ll also have the opportunity to suggest a name for the conference (so we can quit calling it the “adults with type 1 diabetes conference”…) and if your name is chosen, you’ll win cool stuff like Amy Tenderich’s book or a Six Until Me mug. Real collector’s items!

Thanks in advance!!

I’ve taken the survey and made my suggestion (even though I couldn’t really think up anything very good.)

I just it… I think they need to pick more cities and states… may be a city right in the middle of the 50 states…

Same think I said, Shawna. All of the cities appear to be only on West and East coasts - I suggested Chicago.

I took the survey as well - I’m looking forward to hearing how this comes together! If you need any assistance on the West Coast I’m happy to help!

Just to keep this forum near the top of the list on the main tuDiabetes page… This adult w type 1 conference sounds like it could be great, especially considering the great connections people have here.

AWTOC ? That sounds too much like an Army program.